May. 30, 2018
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Virtual Conference: Analytical Techniques for Advanced Materials

All Presentations Now Available

For a 2nd year material science researchers from around the globe gathered for an innovative online experience where we explored the latest cutting edge analytical solutions used to enable the development of new and advanced materials.

Watch presentations from leading materials scientists, access hundreds of technical papers and videos, and ask questions live – all without leaving your desk! Remember, this event already took place but registering will give you access to the presentations for all of 2018. 

When you register you’ll be able to:

- Explore 12 different technique or application areas 

  • Battery/Energy Storage
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Raman
  • XPS
  • XRD
  • microCT
  • SEM
  • DualBeam
  • TEM
  • Rheology
  • Desktop SEM

- Attend any of the scheduled presentations (all 9 if you want!)

- Tour our library of webinars, applications notes, videos and more

Now available on-demand >>

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