A DIY Low-Budget Smartphone Photometer


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If you have some free time during your holidays and want to use it to acquire new skills and knowledge, we have two suggestions for you.

What originally started as a single project for his students turned out to spark enthusiasm on a couple of following events: A teacher developed a low-budget smartphone photometer that can be produced even by people with little previous knowledge in the fields of electronics, computers, and software. The conception and setup manual can be downloaded here.

For more than 95% of researchers in life sciences, working with big data is crucial. Still, most of them state that they have only little knowledge of the subject matter. Within the Galaxy Europe project, freely-available online tutorials on data analysis in life sciences have been developed. They provide users not only with step-by-step instructions but also with basic knowledge in bioinformatics and statistics.

We wish you a pleasant summer time!

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DIY Low-Budget Smartphone Photometer


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ProteomicsNOW - Virtual Conference on Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics

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