Filtered Water and AI in Medical Research


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In this edition of the newsletter I would like to draw your attention to a new idea for filtering out oil and metals from water. The results can be found here.

It has become clear that artificial intelligence can help science in many ways. One new and interesting application of an AI has been reported in the field of personalized medicine. Researchers use an AI in the analysis of a tumor and then provide sugegstions towards the treatement. Details are provided here.

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Dr. Martin Graf-Utzmann
Managing Editor, G.I.T. Laboratory Journal




Socorex presents its new precision liquid volumetry catalogue


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Participate in the Image of the Year Award 2018 and Win One of Three Attractive Olympus Prizes!


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Common Weed Killer Linked to Bee Deaths


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The Connection Matters


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Breakthrough in Blending Metals

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Scientists Grow Human Esophagus in Lab

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A New Way to Quickly Filter Water

Australian researchers have designed a rapid nano-filter that can clean dirty water over 100 times ...


Artificial Intelligence in Medical Research

A new auto-commentary published in SLAS Technology looks at how an emerging area of artificial ...

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