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I would like to draw your attention to the Quo Vadis article of the current issue. The author provides insight into the problems arising from the different data formats used in different devices in the laboratory. His solution for the problem are two new standards, AnIML and SiLA. Please find the article here.

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Useful tips and tricks: Titration, Viscometry, optical analysis methods and electrochemical measurements


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Webinar: pH measurement made easy


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Data Exchange in the Laboratory of the Future


Open data formats such as AnIML and communication protocols such as SiLA help to connect up a digital laboratory. They provide planning, execution, and documentation of experiments and processes. The result is a unified and complete data ...


Antibiotic Explorers

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Combining Two “Catalytic Worlds”

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Unequivocal HER2 Detection and Quantification

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Why some Cancers Affect only Young Women

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Researchers Discover Directional and Long-lived Nanolight in a 2D Material

An international team led by researchers from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), University ...

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