Fireworks and Automation in the Laboratory


Dear Readers,

Although it is already a little late, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a great new year 2019!

In this issue of the newsletter, I would like to draw your attention to the experiment of the month. The experiment shows how metal ions are responsible for the colours we see during firework displays.

In our Read and Win series the presented book is "Automation Solutions for Analytical Measurements". During the upcoming Labvolution fair, one of the authors, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Kerstin Thurow, will partake in a panel discussion about the topic of Automation in the Laboratory. further details will be posted here as well.

Best regards,
Dr. Martin Graf-Utzmann
Editor, G.I.T. Laboratory Journal




Laboratory self-refilling syringes


The range of Dosys automatic dispensing syringes provides for simple repeat reagent distribution within 0.025 mL to 10 mL. ...




The Colours of Firework


When we think of New Year’s Eve, the first thing that comes to mind, of course, are the fireworks. Loud popping and colorful lights in the night sky. What happens exactly? We want to explain this to you today. The colorful lights are ...




DNA Origami


Using DNA origami - DNA-based design of precise nanostructures - scientists at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, in collaboration with researchers at University of Oslo, Norway, have been able to demonstrate the most accurate distance between ...


Read and Win: Automation Solutions for Analytical Measurements

Automation is a collective term for all methods of operating machines independently of people. ...


New Catalyst Changes the Structure of Druglike Molecules

A University of Illinois team of researchers led by chemistry professor M. Christina White has ...


Eppendorf becomes Sponsor of the International Freezer Challenge 2019

Global warming is a challenge for mankind on earth. Sustainability discussions primarily focus on ...


All You Need is Selectivity

During the last decade, significant advances in chromatography kinetics have been widely applied in ...


Seawater Turns into Freshwater Through Solar Energy

According to FAO estimates, by 2025 nearly 2 billion people may not have enough drinking water to ...


Powder could Help Cut CO2 Emissions

The powder, created in the lab of Zhongwei Chen, a chemical engineering professor at Waterloo, can ...




Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics


Join thought leaders and peers at the proteomicsNOW virtual conference to learn about the latest advances in proteomics, share best practices, and explore new technologies and techniques designed to help improve your research results. ...




3rd European Chemistry Partnering

Feb. 26, 2019
Kap Europa Congress Center, Osloer Str. 5, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Forum Labo 2019

Mar. 26 - Mar. 28, 2019
Paris, France
G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 5/2019

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