Smelling Decay and Removing Pharmaceutical Waste from Water


Dear G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Newsletter readers,

In this edition I would like to draw your attention to the work of a group of scientists from London, UK. They have worked on the problem of finding out how samples of older plastic materials decay and how to measure the degree of decay in a non-destructive way. They analyzed the volatile organic omponents that the polymeric materials exude. Read the details in this article.

A team of researchers from Tallin University came up with a novel way to remove antibiotic compounds from water. Read about their approach in this news item.

If you are interested in learning about New Technologies to Streamline Chemical Imaging and Quantification of API Forms in Drug Development, I invite you to join our webinars on the topic. Both take place on Tuesday, the 26th of February. Find the details and the registration page with all the necessary information here.

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Dr. Martin Graf-Utzmann
Editor, G.I.T. Laboratory Journal




GPC/SEC/GFC: How to Select the Best Stationary Phase


In this video clip, the “Magic Triangle” for the selection of stationary phases for GPC/SEC/GFC is presented by Dr. Daniela Held (Director Marketing and Sales, PSS). This tool provides a quick visual aid for the selection of ...


Multi-Wavelength Laser Engine Simplifies OEM Life Sciences Instrumentation


Coherent has released a new family of flexible laser light engines, the OBIS CellX series, that delivers up to four separate laser wavelengths from a single module, thereby lowering the complexity and overall cost of laser integration in ...




Sniffing out Decay


Many people think it’s strange to regard plastics as ‘heritage’, but objects made from plastics are found more and more often in museum collections nowadays. They are present in works of modern art and classic design ...




Preparing a Sample for Determining the Size of Particles


Complete de-agglomeration of particulate materials is a prerequisite for good results in particle size analysis. Treatment in ultrasonic baths is often insufficient. This article compares several methods of de-agglomeration.


New Connected Pipette from Sartorius and Andrew Alliance

Andrew Alliance S.A. and Sartorius announce the launch of the Andrew Alliance Pipette+ system, ...


New Way of Cleaning Water from Pharmaceutical Waste

In February the article "Metal-doped organic aerogels for photocatalytic degradation of ...


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Everybody knows polymers: chain-like, primarily carbon-based macromolecules featuring an enormous ...


Viral Decoys

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Keep in Touch, Use the Vacuum!

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