Eggshells and Honey


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in this issue of the newsletter, I would like to present you an interesting study done by Researchers of the Helmholtz Institute in Ulm, Germany. They have looked into the possibility to use ground up eggshell as a material for Lithium ion batteries. Find the details for this story here.

Honey is one of the universally liked food items around the world. This makes it also a target for food fraud. I would like to draw your attention to two articles on food fraud. The first one shows how the European food safety organizations work together to create a network for detecting food fraud within the EU. The second article gives you an overview on the analytical methods used to verify that the product sold as honey is unadulterated.

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Laboratory self-refilling syringes


The range of Dosys automatic dispensing syringes provides for simple repeat reagent distribution within 0.025 mL to 10 mL. ...




Charge and Size of Molecules and Complexes in Solution


The effect of magnetic resonance NMR is based on the interaction of the magnetic moment of nuclei with a strong external magnetic field which usually is established by superconducting magnets. Additional position-dependent magnetic fields, ...




Food Fraud


The horsemeat scandal in 2013 has raised public awareness of food fraud, although it is not a new problem. Even though a legally binding definition is still lacking, food fraud generally means, a violation of EU law to pursue an economic ...


Adulteration Control of Honey

The control of honey purity has attracted numerous researchers the last years since honey still ...


Oscillation in Muscle Tissue

Muscle stem cells have to be ready to spring into action at any time: When a muscle becomes ...


Storing Energy with Eggshells

Biowaste in the form of chicken egg shells proves to be very effective for energy storage. In the ...


Drug Diversity in Bacteria

Bacteria produce a cocktail of various bioactive natural products in order to survive in hostile ...


Artificial Chemical DNA Switch Helps Understand Epigenetic Mechanisms

Researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University constructed an artificial ...


Photocatalytic Water Treatment

More than three decades ago, when researchers began exploring photocatalysis as a way to purify ...




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