Managing Biotech and Structure Elucidation


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In this issue I would like to draw your attention to the Read and Win feature of the current issue. We present the book "Managing Biotechnology". Find the interview with the authors here.

A team of researchers from Italy have taken a closer look at the structure of oligomeric cyclic procyanidins. The authors did H/D exchange experiments and you can find their results in this article

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A Perfect Start into Automated Titration


SI Analytics‘s TitroLine 5000 makes automated titration easy: Unbox, set up, select method, calibrate pH electrode and titrate. Watch an instructional video from SI Analytics.




Printing Nanoparticle Shapes for Medical Applications


Personal drug delivery or nano-robotic systems could be a key concept for future medical applications. In this context, scientists around David Ng (Department of Prof. Tanja Weil) of the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) ...




Elucidating the Structure of Oligomeric Cyclic Procyanidins


Cyclic oligomeric (crown) procyanidins have been recently proposed in wine. Hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX) allowed to unambiguously confirm their presence. Crown procyanidins were identified in a cranberries extract, too. The ...


The Joys of Computational Mass Spectrometry

Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) in Japan have developed a ...


Read & Win: Managing Biotechnology – From Science to Market in the Digital Age

Biotechnology has developed into a key innovation driver especially in the field of human ...


Smart Antioxidant-containing Polymer Responds to Body Chemistry, Environment

Oxidants found within living organisms are byproducts of metabolism and are essential to ...


Köttermann: Restarted

After major changes during the last year, the New Year began with a restart for Köttermann . The ...


A Breakthrough in Acidic Water Electrolysis via Ruthenium-based Catalysts

Hydrogen fuel, with the advantages of clean, renewable and of high fuel efficiency, is seen as the ...


Greener, More Efficient Natural Gas Filtration




SLAS Europe 2019 Conference and Exhibition

Jun. 26 - Jun. 28, 2019
Barcelona, Spain
G.I.T. Laboratory Journal 5/2019

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