MACS GMP T Cell TransAct from Miltenyi Biotec

MACS GMP T Cell TransAct is a ready-to-use reagent for efficient in vitro activation and expansion of human T cells. Also available in research grade.

Cell activation is a prerequisite for the successful genetic engineering of T cells. MACS GMP T Cell TransAct from Miltenyi Biotec, with its unique features, enables in vitro stimulation, activation, and expansion of human T cells from hematological cell populations. Polyclonal T cell expansion can be used in numerous applications including cellular therapy or whenever T cells are activated to improve gene modification.

Benefits of MACS GMP T Cell TransAct are:

  • Innovative format: A colloidal polymeric nanomatrix conjugated to humanized, recombinant CD3 and CD28 agonists.
  • Ease of use: Effective activation for a large range of cell densities.
  • Convenience: Excess reagent is simply washed off.
  • Safety: Biodegradable, ready to use and compatible with the automated, functionally-closed CliniMACS Prodigy System.

Due to the nanoscale structure of MACS GMP T Cell TransAct, the reagent can be sterile filtered. Excess reagent can be removed by simple supernatant replacement. The reagent is finely tuned to work best in combination with TexMACS GMP Medium. MACS GMP T Cell TransAct is suitable for the use in automated cell manufacturing systems, such as the CliniMACS Prodigy.

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