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The heart of every HPLC system is the pump. A steadily and accurately working pump is essential for a reproducible application. Even slight changes in flow rate or gradient composition will result in changes of retention time or peak shapes. Different pump configurations influence the outcome of any given application. Gradient formation, mixer size and pulsation compensation will have an extensive influence on the chromatogram. Knauer offers high-pressure pumps for a wide range of applications, starting at UHPLC, over preparative pumps, as well as bioinert FPLC pumps.

Analytical Pumps

The analytical pump Azura P 6.1L combines all essential components of a first class HPLC pumping system. Firstly, a 2 × 2 binary high pressure gradient (HPG) for high accuracy blending of up to two eluents from two solvents each; secondly, a quaternary low-pressure gradient (LPG) for reliable mixing of up to four eluents; and thirdly a very cost-effective isocratic version for basic analyses. Excellent separations with small particle size columns can be achieved with the high-performance pump heads featuring an extended back pressure. The user can choose between pump heads with a maximum flow rate of 10 mL/min and 700 bar backpressure, or pump heads with a flow rate of 5 mL/min and 1000 bar backpressure.

For semi-preparative applications, a pump head with a flow rate up to 50 mLl/min can be chosen. Special pump heads for normal phase applications will help to deliver even demanding eluents like heptane or hexane reliably. Pumps without a degasser offer a cost-effective alternative.

Metal-free P 6.1L pumps present the best choice for FPLC separation tasks. These pumps are available with flow rates up to 50 mL/min. Pumps with solvent selection or gradient valves enable a flexible buffer selection and hence broaden the range of possible applications immensely.

Preparative Applications

For preparative applications, not only a very stable and precise flow is important, but moreover, the flow needs to be delivered at very high flow rates. Therefore, the Azura P 2.1L provides a maximum flow rate of up to 1000 mL/min. The pump covers a wide flow rate and pressure range using a broad selection of pump heads. It has been designed for the purification of milligram to gram samples. The integrated automatic RFID pump head recognition allows quick adaption to various applications. A low-pressure gradient (LPG) module dynamically forms the eluent on the low-pressure side of the pump head by quickly switching between the different solvent channels. Binary or ternary LPG upgrade modules for the isocratic P 2.1L pump are available. The eluent in a binary high-pressure gradient (HPG) system is composed by combining the solvent flows of two isocratic pumps.

All Knauer pumps feature excellent flow and gradient formation performance. Due to their robustness and versatility, they are also highly suitable for none-LC tasks. Very accurate, low-pulsation solvent delivery is needed for dosing specific amounts of solvents. Especially the compact small pumps P 2.1S or P 4.1S are widely used for dosing tasks e.g. in petrochemistry.

The pumps can be controlled and incorporated in established system solutions in various ways. Drivers are available for software solutions like ClarityChrom, OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition, Chromeleon 7, PurityChrom. The Knauer Mobile Control ensures stand-alone controllability via a Windows 10 based app.


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