Vacuum gauge DVR 2pro from Vacuubrand

  • The DVR 2 vacuum gauge from VacuubrandThe DVR 2 vacuum gauge from Vacuubrand
  • The DVR 2 vacuum gauge from Vacuubrand
  • The DVR 2 vacuum gauge from Vacuubrand
  • The DVR 2 vacuum gauge from Vacuubrand

For every working day in the Laboratory, wouldn’t it be great if all devices were flexible and easy to use as well as simple to install and exchange between experiments. The proven DVR 2 vacuum gauge has been a staple of the laboratory for many years, providing users with an unrivalled combination of clarity, accuracy and flexibility.

Vacuubrand has now revised the original DVR 2 and from October 2017 this will be replaced with the new version DVR 2 pro.

One of the main enhancements is the new power supply with a normal 9 V Alkaline battery. The new battery slot at the back of the gauge allows for easy replacement of the battery within seconds. In addition improved functionality within the navigation menu also helps to save energy and to increase the life cycle of the battery. All wetted parts now are made from enhanced chemical resistant material which allows the use under very rough laboratory conditions. The high accuracy and the large graphical display from the DVR 2 have also been carried forward for the new “pro” version. A wider range of connection parts (including for PTFE tubing DN 8/10, hose nozzle DN 6/10 and small flange DN16) now provide a greater range of connection flexibility for laboratory use. In addition there is now included a support rod for secure installation directly at the process.



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