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  • Karl Hecht Liquid Handling ProductsKarl Hecht Liquid Handling Products

Assistent offers a big range of products to pipette or dispense nearly all kinds of liquids – even aggressive liquids – from 5 μl up to 100 ml. Products with the brand name Assistent combine highest possible precision with simplest operation.

You can find the complete delivery program – e.g. conformity certified maintenance-free Piston Stroke Pipettes, Micro Pipettes Digital with stepless volume adjustment and tip ejector; Single and Multi Channel Pipettes, Digital Burettes, Micro and Macro Pipetting Aids.

Perfect is the Assi-Stepper – the small manual dispenser, conformity certified, for quick and repetitive dispensing of liquids. In combination with precision dispenser tips up to       49 repetitive pipetting steps can be done without refilling. Useful in the microbiological, immunologic and biochemical field etc.



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