Acura manual micropipettes - superior working comfort

  • Acura manual pipette from SocorexAcura manual pipette from Socorex

Ergonomics is a key word for the Acura manual pipette line. From position in the hand to smoothest activation, every single detail contributes to superior comfort and reduction of hand fatigue.

The optimal shape of finger rest maintains the instrument in position while working. The setting button allows easy volume adjustment, even when wearing gloves. Located on the front instrument side, the display window is visible at all times during pipetting.

Soft springs and tightness ring with PTFE sleeve reduces frictions and make plunger activation smoother than ever. A large surface, soft padded ejector button provides for low-pressure activation. In addition to ease of tip ejection, the JustipTM shaft height adjustment system allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle.

The Acura manual pipettes are designed to perform in accordance with national and international standards such as ISO 8655, GMP, GLP, NCCLS. They conform to the CE directive for in vitro diagnostic medical devices. Each micropipette bears its own serial number and passes strict performance control attested by an individual QC certificate. Three-year warranty.



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