Changeover Made Easy: Replace your Old Photometer with a New PhotoLab 7600 UV-VIS

  • The photoLab 7600 UV-VIS spectrometerThe photoLab 7600 UV-VIS spectrometer

Save 1000,- € on purchase of a photoLab 7600 UV-VIS UV-VIS Spectral photometer by replacing an old photometer (invoice/declaration of ownership required). 

Here is a link to the special offer.

The new photoLab 7600 UV-VIS spectrophotometer allows measuring COD, Nitrate, and Nitrite in the discharge of municipal wastewater plants photometrically, yet without the need for any photometric reagents. To perform an optical reagent-free measurement, the sample is pipetted directly into a 10 mm quartz cuvette, measured spectrally in the UV range, and the result is displayed directly as a concentration in mg/L.


The advantages of the Opt RF procedure are obvious:

  •  Free of costs – No additional reagents needed
  •  Fast – no time-consuming digestion
  •  Eco-friendly –no chemicals needed

Beyond the OptRF measurement, the new photoLab 7600 UV-VIS have retained the proven functionality of their predecessor models, and  a range of new features has been added:

  •  Self-explanatory menu guidance on a large, brilliant colour display
  •  Barcodes for round and rectangular cuvettes (10, 20, 50 mm) with automatic measuring range switch allow cost-saving quality analytics
  •  Automatic cuvette recognition without adaptor change for fast and error-free analysis.
  •  Over 250 pre-programmed methods for routine analytics.
  •  Extensive AQA (Analytical Quality Assurance) functions  for measured value reliability, user administration, system and matrix check
  •  Complex multi-step and multi-wavelengths procedures, e.g. Chlorophyll and Glucose measurement
  •  Complex programming of own methods via menu guidance
  •  Mobile use  is possible with standard car battery
  •  IQ-LabLink for bi-directional data exchange with WTW’s online system IQ SENSOR NET
  •  Ethernet interface
  •  PC software for GLP compliant data transfer with LIMS-connection
  •  New photoLab Color software module for comprehensive photometric colour measurement from water to Food & Beverage industry
  •  Brewery applications package

Order number: 199159 
(Special offer valid until December 31st, 2017)


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