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IQ-Lablink by WTW is a newly developed software-based procedure for data exchange between online and laboratory metering systems. The manual alignment of online and laboratory data sets, which has always been a potential error source, is thus no longer necessary.

The data exchange is done via standard USB sticks. For a reliable and traceable data transfer, the IQ-LabLink procedure is fully automatic and recordable. The handling is menu-driven and intuitive.

Prerequisites for the automatic IQ-LabLink procedure are online and laboratory instruments supporting the IQ-LabLink software and equipped with USB interfaces. The first WTW instruments to fulfil these demands are the laboratory spectrophotometers spectroFlex 6100 and spectroFlex 6600 and the new Terminal/Controller MIQ/TC 2020 XT for connection to the IQ SENSOR NET.


IQ-LabLink advantages at a glance:

  • Software-driven GLP routines for reliable data transfer between online and laboratory measuring systems
  • Certain and easy assignment of online and laboratory measurements via job files
  • Internal help functions for correct handling
  • for completeness and plausibiliy
  • Complete data import of all files at the push of a button without interruption of the online measurement

The IQ-LabLink marks the dawn of a new era in which data transfer and exchange between the online and the laboratory world will be done automatically, reliably and easily.




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