Oct. 10, 2019

OxiTop-IDS – More than just BOD

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The new OxiTop-IDS respiration measuring heads cover an unbelievably wide range of respirometric degradation tests. These include simple BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) measurements for self-check purposes as well as degradation tests according to OECD, soil respiration tests and measuring of anaerobic processes, e.g. in biogas production, and other tests with a duration of up to 180 days.

The measuring heads are operated by the Multi 3620 IDS and Multi 3630 IDS portable meters via a Bluetooth LE connection, thus becoming a member of the IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensors) family. Data transfer is via the USB interface. The OxiTop-IDS can be regarded as the successor of the OxiTop-C, but offers a more modern user interface and improved performance. However, basic BOD measurements can now be conducted without the external control unit. The operational status is indicated on the graphic display and by a small colour LED.

The bright orange colour of the heads signals the radio communication capability within the IDS system. The OxiTop-IDS/B heads with cosmos grey lower housing come with a corrosion-proof sensor with enhanced measuring range for biogas applications.

The heads are available in proven, ready-to-use sets including sample bottles, stirring platforms and accessories. Existing accessories, bottles, vessels and adapters are fully compatible with the new heads.

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