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Currently celebrating 70 years of facilitating scientific innovation, Goodfellow is a leading global supplier of metals, alloys, ceramics, glasses, polymers, compounds, composites & other materials to meet the research, development & specialist production requirements of science & industry.

The company has an extensive range of 70,000 catalogue products in multiple forms available off the shelf, most subject to free delivery within 48 hours and with no minimum order quantities.

Goodfellow offers a comprehensive range of bespoke processing services, effectively operating as an extension of the production team in order to develop custom fabricated components in any quantity required. Our in-house team is comprised of fellow scientists & engineers with extensive knowledge of materials & processing – through their technical expertise & a supporting range of specification tools the company has built an unrivalled reputation for helping to find solutions to even the most challenging of research problems.

Goodfellow is pleased to supply a wide variety of ceramic & glass microcomponents, both standard items & items precision-machined to customer specifications.

Examples include:

  • Ultra-thin glass microsheet (from 0.030mm thickness) for use as transparent substrates and electrical insulators
  • Precision spheres (from 0.127mm diameter) for use as precision spacers and optical components
  • Micro optics such as prisms (from 0.5mm), lenses (from 1mm diameter) and windows (from 0.5mm diameter)
  • Injection-moulded ceramic microcomponents for surgical equipment and fibre optic applications
  • Polished sapphire bearings and sub mm bore nozzles
  • Single & multi-bore capillary tubing with sub mm diameters & 20 micron tolerances

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