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Besides Oxygen, in the aeration of modern wastewater treatment plants the process relevant parameters ammonium and nitrate are measured. With these promptly available parameters the nitrification and denitrification processes can be directly optimized and controlled. This ensures an efficient wastewater treatment leading to a significant decrease in effluent charges and particularly to lower energy costs.

Of critical importance for the control system is the dynamic of the controlled process and the used measurement system. The faster the controlled system and disturbance is the shorter the response time of the used measurement system has to be. The optimal instrumentation for this demand is the ion selective on-line sensor VARiONPlus 700 IQ.

WTW’s more than 10 years of experience with ion-selective sensors guarantee a technically mature and reliable measurement technology without compromises! With new and enhanced features, WTW’s proven VARiONPlus 700 IQ ISE sensor is the ideal partner for your ammonium and nitrate measurement in nitrification/denitrification and in centrate or other process waters.

Benefit from the new and improved features:

  • Easiest operation: The new matrix adjustment is faster and easier than ever
  • Save costs: Full compensation of several sensors with one potassium or chloride electrode
  • Ammonium measurement in heavily loaded media: measurement of up to 2,000 mg/l NH4-N

Benefit from the VARiON’s proven advantages:

  • Calibration-free - easier than pH measurement
  • Single exchange of electrodes
  • Robust electrodes for easy handling and cleaning
  • IQ LabLink: easiest data transfer from the lab photometer to the sensor      


IQ Lablink:

For optimal acquisition of the measured data with ISE sensors a so called matrix adjustment has to be performed. In this process the measured medium is analyzed for site specific fine tuning (optional ) of the online instrumentation. Dependent on the used electrodes photometric reference measurements for ammonium, nitrate, chloride or potassium are conducted and can be adapted with VARiONPlus. This measurement data is required for ensuring a precise matrix adjustment.

For enhancing the data transfer between the laboratory spectrophotometers photoLab 7100 / 7600 and VARiONPlus, a USB memory stick in combination with the IQ-LabLink function can be used for the controller MIQ/ TC 2020 XT of the IQ Sensor Net System to automatically read the data and store it on the VARiONPlus.

• Safe, simple and fast data transfer

• Automatic verification check of data





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