Dispenser, Evaporators, Reactors, Hoods and Glass for Chemistry

  • High speed dispenser “Scorpion” from Dunn LabortechnikHigh speed dispenser “Scorpion” from Dunn Labortechnik

Dunn Labortechnik will exhibit the high speed dispenser “Scorpion” from Art Robbins Instruments, which has been modified for chemical applications. The high speed, chemical resistance of components, and versatility of the “Scorpion for Chemistry” make it the ideal choice for synthetic chemists. The user can automate high-throughput experiments with a 10-fold increase in the number of experiments being run versus a manual workflow. Further applications of the device are reaction optimization, reaction miniaturization to screen conditions without wasting precious samples, long term scheduled reaction sampling for kinetic assays, high-throughput screening of ligands or substrates for reactions and sample preparation for LC-MS experiments. Optimized dispense modes and volumes complete the intuitive system and make the “Scorpion for Chemistry” ideal for nearly every experiment. Furthermore, the company will present a selection of their wide range of glass products from the renowned US manufacturer Chemglass Life Science. These include process reactors with volumes ranging from 100 ml to 100 l capacity, available either as complete systems with stand and overhead stirrer, or as single components. Other glass products include vacuum-lines according to Schlenk and further glassware designed for the convenient manipulation of highly reactive air and moisture sensitive components using inert gas, as well as standard products such as adapters, condensers, pressure vessels, distillation and filtration equipment and much more.  

Not on show, but ideal for the chemistry lab and available from Dunn Labortechnik: a choice of manual and automated evaporators for vials, deep well blocks and other plates in SBS-format as well as the safety cabinets from Bigneat and Faster. ChemFAST fume cabinets from FASTER are using the latest molecular filtration technology protecting from chemicals, vapours, and aerosols. The Bigneat Asbestos Inspection Cabinet is a HEPA filtered ductless safety cabinet which provides operator protection from fibres and particles.

Visit Dunn Labortechnik - at the 21st ESOC symposium from 14th to 18th July, 2019 at the Congress Center in Vienna to learn more about our portfolio.

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