Analytica 2012: Hamilton Presents New Solutions for Today's Analytical Laboratory

  • The Microlab 600 sample preparation system. Source: HamiltonThe Microlab 600 sample preparation system. Source: Hamilton
  • The Microlab 600 sample preparation system. Source: Hamilton
  • Reproducibility of Hamilton Anion columns - Separation of five different anion standards using inverse UV detection and benzoic acid buffer. Source: Hamilton

Analytica, hall B1 at booth 203/304: Hamilton is a global manufacturer of analytical products in all areas of liquid handling including sample injection in GC and HPLC. It's portfolio includes pipettes, semi-automatic diluters/dispensers and tailored liquid handling solutions. At the Analytica in Munich a variety of new innovative laboratory products will be presented:

The X-Type syringe for CTC LC-PAL autosamplers comes with an inert internal coating of the needle and the glass barrel which prevents adsorption of e.g. sticky biomolecules and leads to an increased syringe lifetime. The plunger-tip is made from a resistant PTFE-composite as sealant. The wetted parts of the syringe are completely metal-free as it is often required for sensitive applications.

The Microlab 600 is a semi-automated sample preparation system which enables the customer to handle even high numbers of samples. The results do not depend on the physical properties of the aspirated and dispensed liquids since a positive displacement principle is applied for volume determination. The Bubble-Free-Prime (BFP) syringe technology avoids dead volume and ensures rapid priming with different liquids and without air bubbles. Moreover, the highly inert flow path ensures bio-compatibility. The system may also be used for sample preparation in trace metal determination. A special GMP/GLP compliance kit was developed for highly regulated laboratories which enables the customer to record all activities of the instrument.

Special Salt Line syringes are now available for the Microlab 600 which offer increased lifetime and may be used for handling of high buffer concentrations, salty solutions and concentrated acids. These syringes are tipped with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) plunger seal which exhibits mechanical stability and high inertness.

Four new HPLC columns have been developed which offer solutions for the determination of standard anions in water, environmental or process samples.

Two high-resolution columns with different capacity are optimized for analysis of medium-high and trace-level sample concentrations. Since the analysis time is more and more important for the customers there is one special column which may be used for fast analysis without loss of resolution. Another model was designed for reduced buffer consumption which safes resources and time for preparation of new mobile phase.

The sophisticated architecture and covalent surface modification of the polymeric packing particles makes the new products extremely durable and long-lasting. Even the direct injection of native samples without extensive sample preparation is possible in most cases. The manufacturing process and compliance to ISO 9001 ensures column-to-column reproducibility (see Figure). The columns may be used on all common ion chromatographs or HPLC systems and several detection principles may be applied since there are plenty of mobile phases possible.

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