HP D300 Digital Dispenser: Benchtop Automation Solution

  • Tecan's HP D300 Digital DispenserTecan's HP D300 Digital Dispenser

The HP D300 Digital Dispenser, available exclusively through Tecan's Life Science Business, is a simple, standalone instrument designed to simplify drug titration studies of small molecules in DMSO. Using HP's Direct Digital Dispensing technology to offer rapid non­contact dispensing from 13 pl to 10 μl, the system can deliver any dose to any well, allowing dose­-response curves to be created directly from stock compound solutions.

Fast and accurate determination of a candidate compound's IC50 provides drug discovery biologists with information for the development of new pharmaceuticals, yet traditional techniques are both time-consuming and laborious, with no standardization across the industry. The dispenser offers a simple method for streamlining the workflow, providing picoliter to microliter dispensing of small molecules in DMSO directly into one's assay plate. The system's intuitive software allows one to randomize compound doses across the plate to minimize the potential impact of edge effects. Single use T8 Dispenseheads virtually eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. Fast and reliable dispensing across a large dynamic range also allows previously unachievable experiments, such as drug-­drug interaction studies, to be performed quickly and conveniently.




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