Sartorius Introduces a New Generation of Sterilizing-Grade Filters

  • Sartopore Platinum: A new generation of sterilizing-grade filtersSartopore Platinum: A new generation of sterilizing-grade filters

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) presents a new generation of sterilizing-grade filters: Sartopore Platinum. This product family sets new standards in sterile filtration and expands the comprehensive Sartorius filter portfolio.

Higher product yields and more efficient manufacturing workflows

The surface of the polyethersulfone filter membrane has been modified using a hydrophilic and highly thermostable polymer. This surface modification gives the membrane excellent wetting properties and minimizes its protein binding. Fewer than five liters of WFI (Water for Injection) are needed to wet a 10" cartridge fast and reliably for subsequent integrity testing that provides dependably accurate results.

The membrane's minimized protein binding considerably increases product yield, thus augmenting the efficiency of manufacturing processes. The filter cartridges can be dry-steam sterilized in the forward or the reverse direction, without altering the properties of their membrane. These sterilizing-grade filters can be used in the entire pH range from 1 to 14 and thus for nearly any filtration application in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Better filtration performance and lower filtration costs

The membrane of the filter cartridges has been pleated using SSB's newly developed, proprietary Twinpleat process. The alternating long and short pleats of the membrane increase the filter area of a 10" cartridge by more than 60 percent. At the same time, this geometry ensures that liquids flow through the entire filter area so that the filtration capacity of the cartridge is used to the fullest extent. As a result, filtration performance is boosted and filtration costs are lowered.

The new sterilizing-grade filter cartridges are available in a choice of different sizes and constructions ranging from lab to production scale. In all sizes, identical materials of construction with consistent performance characteristics are used. Therefore, linear scale-up for a large number of applications in the biopharmaceutical industry is enabled.


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