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  • IXplore - Inverted Imaging Platform from OlympusIXplore - Inverted Imaging Platform from Olympus

Discover the Olympus IXplore inverted imaging platform, specifically designed for applications. Being able to focus on the important things drives advances in science, and research relies on innovative tools to enable this. That’s why Olympus has developed a range of IXplore microscopy solutions exactly tailored to specific research needs. Explore the range and discover the right system to fast-track your research. Because your science matters.

Fluorescence and routine experiments – IXplore Standard
The IXplore Standard delivers high-quality imaging in simple multi-color ­fluorescence imaging and routine experiments. Easy to use and enabling excellent, publication-quality images, a range of encoded units make getting accurate and reproducible results as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Automated multidimensional observation – IXplore Pro
The IXplore Pro delivers accurate and efficient automated multi-dimensional observation and easy experiment set-up. The system enables effortless data collection and seamless acquisition of panoramic, multi-channel images.

Precise Live Cell Imaging – IXplore Live
For physiologically-relevant data in delicate live cell imaging experiments, the IXplore Live employs accurate device control to reduce photobleaching and enhance cell viability.

Membranes, single molecules, co-localization – IXplore TIRF
Designed for membrane dynamics, single molecule detection, and co-localization experiments, the IXplore TIRF provides excellent simultaneous multi-color TIRF imaging for up to 4 colors with high stability.

Time-lapse experiments - IXplore Spin and SpinSR
To capture rapid cell dynamics the IXplore Spin uses an advanced spinning disk unit, providing a large fi­eld of view, fast 3D confocal imaging, and prolonged cell viability. For fast 3D super resolution imaging, the IXplore SpinSR offers XY resolution down to 120nm.

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