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High-Throughput Slide Imaging

  • Olympus Slideview VS200Olympus Slideview VS200
  • Olympus Slideview VS200
  • X Line objectives within the Olympus Slideview VS200 automated slide scanner ensure image flatness across whole brain slices. 10x magnification, 300 dpi
  • Olympus’ Slideview VS200 is well suited for high-throughput slide scanning in a wide range of research applications.
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To unlock extra information in your research slides, Olympus has launched the VS200, an automated slide scanner with built-in X Line objectives. The VS200 takes research productivity to the next level with multiple observation methods while the X Line objectives ensure crisp, analysis-ready images.

The robotics within the VS200 save time by providing an extra pair of hands to help out with slide imaging – one that ensures the safety of your slides. Users can add trays of slides to the queue before another scan has finished, without the risk of images from different projects getting mixed up. The scanner handles slides from 26 × 76 mm to 102 × 127 mm in size and provides five observation methods at the same time. An automatic barcode scanner can log information from each slide, which together with the images can be accessed remotely.

The automated VS200 slide scanner delivers on both time and image quality, ensuring consistent images across a vast range of research applications.

Key Data:

  • Outstanding image quality thanks to new X Line objectives
  • 5 observation methods: brightfield, fluorescence, darkfield, phase contrast and polarized light
  • Reliable and safe high-throughput imaging with tray-based loading of up to 210 sides
  • Flexibility to support five observation modes and various slide formats in one system
  • Simple and intuitive operation with powerful, workflow-oriented user interface

High-volume slide imaging benefits a range of areas in life science research. Examples include structure, connectivity and activity analysis in neuroscience, cell morphology and protein localization in cancer and stem cell research, and toxicity studies and drug screening in pharmaceutical and biotech research. It can be challenging to find a single high-throughput scanner to cater for all these different applications – and one that is also easy-to-use and consistently delivers high image quality.

A Fluid Workflow for Every User
The VS200 is designed for users of all levels.

The basic operation mode enables users to acquire images in as little as two clicks, while the expert mode gives experienced users full control, allowing them to set all parameters and assign custom settings to different imaging projects. This is particularly useful if an imaging project requires imaging different sets of slides over a long timeframe.

For improved ease of use, the VS200 has a robotic automated slide loader that can handle up to 210 slides while mixing slide sizes. The hot-swap function allows users to change slides during scanning in case of urgent needs. To enable efficient working, the VS200 makes it possible to edit scanned images in parallel with ongoing scans. An automated barcode reader provides reliable capture and recording of information about each slide.

Elevate your Slide Imaging
Olympus’ flexible Slideview VS200 simplifies high-throughput slide imaging, enabling researchers to see more of their slides with best-in-class optics. Five observation modes and four slide sizes enable the VS200 to support a range of research applications, while different workflows ensure efficient operation for both beginners and expert users.




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