Push-Button Simplicity: Automatic Fermentation Using Auto Culture Mode

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Learning to use a bioprocess controller is a complex and often intimidating endeavor for the beginner. Indeed, even with previous bioprocess experience, moving to a new software platform can entail much learning and reduce efficiency. With the Auto Culture modes of the Eppendorf BioFlo 120 bioprocess control station, the user can select either a pre-defined E. coli batch fermentation protocol or a CHO batch cell culture process, which begins at the push of a button. Here we give an overview on the settings and parameters of the Auto Culture mode for the cultivation of E. coli.



To demonstrate the ease of use of the Auto Culture mode, we performed a standard E. coli batch fermentation. This process involved three steps:

1. Preparation of the control station

In preparation for push-button fermentation, we selected the correct vessel configuration on the Setup screen.

2. Vessel preparation

We added medium to the fermentor before sterilizing the vessel. We calibrated the DO sensor, connected a sterile bottle of base and finally inoculated the vessel.

3. Culture start

To begin the culture, we pressed the “play” button for E. coli. After confirming that the sensors were calibrated, the process began when all the relevant control loop modes were automatically changed to the appropriate state. The setpoints for each control loop were auto-populated.


Results & Conclusion

Auto Culture mode allows for the optimization of parameters based on experimental need, with the option to save a new custom recipe which is then available in the Auto Culture menu for future use. The push-button bioprocess concept of the BioFlo 120 reduces the complexity of the design of a new bioprocess. The pre-filled setpoints and cascades help to achieve satisfactory bioprocess results in a short time and offer a starting point for further optimization.

Download the full application note here and explore the BioFlo 120 in more detail.


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