Corning FloWell 2W Plate Automatically Feeds Cells for up to Three Days

  • The new FloWell 2W Plate from CorningThe new FloWell 2W Plate from Corning

Corning Incorporated announced the Corning FloWell 2W Plate, a multiple-well plate designed with continuous fluid perfusion technology for the controlled, directional feeding of cells for up to 72 hours.

This latest innovation is an ideal automatic cell-feeding device for culturing cells that require frequent medium changes and weekend feedings. It allows researchers to save time while also lowering the risk of contamination and cell loss.

"Today's cell culture researchers have an ever-increasing need for not only more reliable cells and cellular materials but also for beginning-to-end cell culture solutions that can save money and time and improve results," said Brian Douglass, business development manager, Corning Life Sciences. "We continually work closely with our customers to deliver products and technologies that best meet and exceed their demands. Our Corning FloWell 2W Plate addresses several critical culturing requirements, and we will continue to advance it through ongoing dialogues and feedback."

The FloWell 2W Plate is a six-well plate consisting of two sets of three-well units, each connected by porous channels that provide continuous fluid flow controlled by hydrostatic pressure. The middle well in each set of connected wells serves as the cell culture chamber, and the first and third wells serve as the medium supply and waste wells, respectively. The continuous flow from the medium well to the cell culture well eliminates the need for manual medium changes for up to 72 hours. Concurrently, exhausted medium flows out of the cell culture wells, which promotes cell viability and robust growth. The FloWell 2W Plate can also be used in co-culturing studies that investigate cell-to-cell communications of spatially separated cell lines.

Additional key features of the New Corning FloWell 2W Plate include:

  • Simple setup, which allows for up to three days of unattended, continuous cell feeding and media exchange
  • Continuous fluid flow between wells, which enables a variety of co-culturing applications and ensures cells are not disturbed by adding media
  • Reduced handling and continuous removal of exhausted media, which lowers the risk of contamination and cell loss



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