New and Flexible Tool for Cell Surface Receptor Heterodimerization

Cisbio Bioassays Partners with Promega to Launch HaloTag for Tag-lite

Cisbio Bioassays, announced that Promega Corporation's HaloTag technology is available for use on its Tag-Lite platform.  Tag-lite, which combines HTRF and cell protein labeling technologies, now provides drug discovery researchers with an additional tool for cell surface receptor heterodimerization. HaloTag is an orthogonal system for labeling proteins in living cells and in vitro. This protein is a 33 kDa enzyme derivatized from a prokaryotic hydrolase that can be expressed under a tag format at the N- or C-terminus of another protein. As the enzyme is not naturally present in cells, one of its properties enables it to allow for highly specific labeling of expressed fusion proteins by reacting with a chloro alkane substrate. The substrate can be coupled to a fluorophore which will be ultimately transferred onto the HaloTag moiety, allowing a rapid and targeted covalent conjugation. Cisbio's partnership with Promega marks another step in the development of its Tag-lite platform for cell surface receptor investigation.  HaloTag offers an orthogonal labeling alternative to SNAP- and CLIP-tag, two protein tag systems already used with Tag-lite. The combination of SNAP-tag and HaloTag, for example, has shown to be suited for investigating receptor heterodimerization in particular.


Cisbio Bioassays
Parc Marcel Boiteux
30204 Bagnols-sur-Cèze Cedex

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