Determine Biomass by Reflection Measurement

  • SFR vario BMSFR vario BM

In order to gain precise insights into the growth process of a wide variety of yeast, plant, fungus or cell cultures in shake flasks, the automated continuous measurement of biomass is possible by means of a scattered light measurement with the SFR vario BM. The new entry-level device from PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH monitors non-invasive and online, providing information about the optical density and also the cell dry weight in real time and free of contamination risks. In addition, the temperature and the speed are recorded. Measurements can be taken in parallel in up to four shake flasks (with volumes of 125 mL - 5 L) in each standard shaking incubator. And the data transmission via Bluetooth offers a high degree of flexibility in the arrangement of the individual devices. The hardware of the SFR vario BM can be easily upgraded at any time so that oxygen, pH or CO2 measurements are possible.

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