Webinar: Get Your CLP Laboratory Labelling Challenges Solved

  • Webinar on how to get your CLP laboratory labelling challenges solvedWebinar on how to get your CLP laboratory labelling challenges solved

CLP is a mandatory European Union regulation which requires, amongst other obligations, the clear identification of products containing dangerous chemicals. In June 2015, the transition period ends for mandatory CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) chemicals labelling in the European Union. After June, all dangerous chemical substances and mixtures need to carry a predefined CLP label. Attend a free webinar on this topic.

During this FREE webinar:

1.     You'll get in dept information on the labelling requirements of the EU Regulation 1272/2008

2.     You'll discover an easy-to-use on-site chemicals labelling solution

Webinar details

Language:  English
Presenter: Liz Gallagher, Local Product Expert Brady UK

Date: May 6:  3 PM CEST / 2 PM BST

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