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NEW: 3 interesting utility videos

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Ease of use and proven reliability are the most valued features of the Titrette bottle-top burette. Now, a brand-new 10 ml model complements the popular existing line of 25 ml and 50 ml Titrette versions.

With its all new innovative measuring system, Titrette is the first bottle-top burette worldwide specified to meet the tight error limits of Class A glass burettes according to DIN EN ISO 385.

The 10 ml and 25 ml models display the titrated volume in increments of 1 µl and the 50ml models in increments of 2 µl. Above 20 ml titrated volume the display will automatically switch to 10 µl increments. Drop sizes are approx. 20 µl for 10 ml instruments, and approx. 30 µl for 25 ml and 50 ml models.


Every model of the Titrette bottle-top burette provides easy to control drop-wise titration, unparalled precision, compact design, and an optional PC-interface. Titrette makes high precision titrations fast and reliable, even with limited working space and no access to a power connection – in the lab, in production, or in an outdoor environment.

In short:

·         drop-wise titration with great sensitivity

·         refilling while titrating with no need to switch function

·         compact and lightweight design for great stability on the workbench

·         alternative inspection window for light sensitive applications

·         easy cleaning and maintenance in the lab

·         optional PC-interface for data transmission

NEW: 3 Utility videos show Start-up, Titration and Cleaning in detail:

1)     Start up of digital burette Titrette

2)     Titration with digital burette Titrette

3)     Cleaning of digital burette Titrette



Please find more product information at www.brand.de or in the new leaflet which is available in multiple languages.



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