CAMAG TLC-MS Interface

- rapid and easy analysis of TLC plates by MS

  • Camags new TLC-MS InterfaceCamags new TLC-MS Interface

Wherever complex substance mixtures are analyzed, TLC/HPTLC often is an excellent and efficient alternative to other techniques. Coupling the features of TLC/HPTLC with the capacity of mass spectrometry opens new possibilities for reliable identification of chromatographic fractions. Questioned substances are directly extracted from TLC/HPTLC plates, transferred online into the connected MS and identified within a minute.

The interface can be installed plug & play into any given MS system without adjustments or mass spectrometer modifications and allows for rapid and easy analysis of TLC/HPTLC plates by MS. The CAMAG TLC-MS enables the identification of unknown substances at a limit of detection as known from HPLC-MS.

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