Edwards: Rare Gas Recovery and Recirculation

Non-gas Ballast Variant nXDS-R Suitable for Rare or Critical Gases

  • The new nXDS-R vacuum pump of EdwardsThe new nXDS-R vacuum pump of Edwards

Edwards has launched a special variant to its nXDS range of dry scroll vacuum pumps for pumping rare or critical gases. These pumps are free of lubrication in the entire pumped path of the gas. The special variant nXDS-R is optimised for situations where an application demands the pumping or recirculation of rare or critical gases without the risk of accidental introduction of atmospheric air. For example, as helium becomes a scarcer and increasingly expensive resource, there is more desire to recover and re-use this rare gas. By removing the gas ballast feature, which is significant for applications where condensable vapour removal is important, this creates a hermetically sealed pump from inlet to outlet with no moving seals and no possibility of accidental introduction of atmospheric air.

The pump also features intelligent and easy to control functions with simple operation. Full serial communications mode provides feedback about the state of the pump, enabling scientists to optimise their process and schedule routine maintenance conveniently. It also assists with preventative maintenance regimes, as the nXDS pump indicates when service is needed via a light indicator on the control panel.


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