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photoLab 7100 VIS and photoLab 7600 UV-VIS

Now equipped with a reference beam optics and with a color display, handling, comfortability  and user-guidance of WTW spectrophotometers have been improved once again: The universal and flexible combination of systematic routine analysis plus spectral analysis capabilities has been kept, and so have been features as the unique automatic cuvette recognition for rectangular cuvettes and the barcode support for both, round and rectangular cuvettes.

Routine Analysis
Just measure!  As with filter photometers, the reference beam technology allows to start the routine measurement by simply placing the cuvette in the device. The advantages are easy handling and a longer life span of the Tungsten-Halogen lamp. 

Faster than any Digestion

The spectral measurement technology used in WTW’s online equipment has been transferred  to the laboratory: This is a revolutionary approach  to measure COD. Spectra measured in the UV-range are processed with special algorithms;  the results are displayed directly as appropriate values.

This optical reagent-free (OptRF) measurement procedures with photoLab 7600 UV-VIS covers methods for determining COD, NO3 and NO2 in outlets of municipal waste water plants. It allows and easy checks in between and  checks of retained samples,.

Via user calibration the measurement can be optimized for each municipal wastewater plant. Since the measurement does not require any reagents or chemicals, it is highly economic, fast and eco-friendly.

Special Methods
With the instruments complex procedures for multi-step and multi-wavelength readings can be carried out. This applies not only for pre-programmed methods but also for user-defined programs. The user-guidance on the display makes sophisticated measurements a snap.

One for All – All in One
photoLab 7100 VIS and photoLab 7600 UV-VIS are versatile devices for many applications covering waste water analysis, education, research and service laboratories but also manufacturing industries. Easy data management, USB and Ethernet interface, a comprehensive AQA and an optional power supply with standard car batteries complement the powerful  functionality of the instruments.


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