Sola SPE Cartridges for Extraction

G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012: 1st Place in Category D "Furniture and Accessories"

  • Sola SPE by Thermo ScientificSola SPE by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Sola Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) products provide a new design which eliminates issues normally associated with loose-packed SPE products. It achieves this by combining the frit material and media into a uniform sorbent bed, removing the need for frits. As a result, the products provide reproducibility combined with reduced solvent requirements, cleaner extracts and improved sensitivity. The new design helps high throughput laboratories to economically enhance reproducibility, and certainty of results. The new design is an indispensible tool in providing a solution to these requirements.




Thermo Fisher Scientific
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