Chromeleon 7.2 unites mass spec and chromatography instruments

  • Best regards from Philadelphia! G.I.T. team meeting the Charly the "Chromeleon" live at Pittcon :-)Best regards from Philadelphia! G.I.T. team meeting the Charly the "Chromeleon" live at Pittcon :-)
  • Best regards from Philadelphia! G.I.T. team meeting the Charly the "Chromeleon" live at Pittcon :-)
  • Chromeleon Screen Shot

Thermo Scientific presents a milestone upgrade of its chromatography data system at Pittcon 2013: Chromeleon 7.2 chromatography data system unites mass spectrometry and chromatography instruments. Chromeleon software now supports Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers, including the ISQ single-quadrupole GC-MS and the TSQ-8000 GC-MS/MS. It also allows instruments to be integrated on enterprise-wide networks, making it the ideal solution for large universities and pharmaceutical researchers to facilitate collaboration between labs.

More new product releases at Pittcon:

Laboratory IT
To further optimize laboratory assets, Thermo Fisher also introduces Unity Lab SmartCapture Asset Utilization Monitoring for automated support, service and maintenance, regardless of the instrument manufacturer. This new offering - a combination of software enhancements and Unity Lab Services programs - allows laboratory operators to determine which instruments may be under- or over-utilized, determine optimal schedules, and plan for downtime and servicing. In addition, the newest generation of the company's industry-leading LIMS platform, Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS 11 software, offers process mapping, management and automation to improve efficiency in computerized lab processes.

The Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 Biocompatible Rapid Separation (BioRS) system, combines ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) with a corrosion-resistant flow path that can withstand high salt or extreme pH conditions typical of this type of research. The system is ideally suited to support biopharmaceutical research, as well as quality assurance and control.
Specifically geared toward understanding therapeutic proteins, the new GlycanPac AXH-1 HPLC column allows for better analysis of glycans - carbohydrates that may act as potential biomarkers or as post-translational modifications of therapeutic proteins. This improved means of separation and analysis allows researchers to create new categories of protein- and antibody-based therapeutics for disease.

The PicoSpin 45 spectrometer is designed for applied analysis in laboratories of any size.

The miniature NMR spectrometer's small footprint and lower cost also make it a good choice for high school and college laboratories.
Continuing the trend toward easier-to-operate instruments that provide precise results, the push-button Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 spectrometer offers advanced analytical capabilities for the non-scientist. Ideal for analyzing polymers, rubbers, paints, foods, pharmaceuticals and forensic evidence, the device can be upgraded from an FT-IR system to multi-range device capable of ATR, Raman and NIR analysis without manually changing components.



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