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Every six years the international ANALYTICA and ACHEMA coincide, and on this occasion, we will present the famous G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012 with the motto "Science Meets Industry". This is exactly where our readership is working, particularly for such publications as G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Europe, BIOforum, Separation, Imaging & Microscopy and GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift.

Submit your product for the G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012.

The G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012 honors innovative new products and solutions for laboratory and process technology in the following categories:

  A: Analytical Instrumentation and Software
  B: Biotechnology and Life Sciences
  C: Laboratory Equipment & Technology
  D: Furniture & Accessories

Your customers are the jury:
First an independent jury of experts will nominate five products in each category. Then our readers, as well as the visitors at Analytica and Achema 2012, will choose the winners from among these finalists.

Your product is qualified to win: Submit your product now for the G.I.T. InnovationsAward 2012!
The closing date for entries is March 22, 2012.
Simply enter the product description and photo to:

The GIT InnovationsAward is a noncommercial award and participation is not associated with any fee or other costs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,
Your G.I.T. laboratory team




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