OXYPro - The Optical Oxygen Probes for every Application

  • OXYPro SeriesOXYPro Series

This new product series is available for different measurement ranges - from 0.5 ppmv O2 to 100 % O2 - with different interfaces, and tailored application-specific sensor caps.

These new oxygen probes, available for different measurement ranges, can directly be connected to the controller and enable continuous oxygen monitoring and control in fermenters or steel bioreactors. OXYPro stand autoclaving and with their standard PG 13.5 stainless steel thread, they can easily be mounted via ports. They are available in various lengths for different immersion depths. The optical sensor is integrated in a removable cap at the probe tip, so a used sensor cap can easily be exchanged. The caps are offered in different application specific variations, like e.g. USP Class VI compatible or with a tapered tip for reduced air bubble formation. As a digital interface the OXYPro probes use RS485 (ASCII or Modbus RTU) and have 4 to 20 mA analog output (optionally ESC output), so they can easily replace a so far used electrode.
Due to the optical measurement principle, these probes are real low maintenance devices. With numerous OXYPro variants available measuring from normal to trace oxygen ranges, you will find the perfect solution for continuous oxygen monitoring in your production processes.

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