Peak Scientific: 2013 Product Catalogue

Peak Scientific have recently released their new product catalogue for 2013. The marketing team have been very busy ensuring that the catalogue content has been revised along with the website, internal information and leaflets. It has been given a fresh look and has so far received great feedback. The catalogue shows a layout re-design featuring updated product images and literature. The catalogue can be downloaded in digital format from the Peak Scientific website.

It showcases all generators available for supply from Peak Scientific. The catalogue details generator specifications, purposes and additional general information. Each generator has an image alongside with applicable uses. The generators vary from the Genius, Infinity, NG, AD, ANG, Precision ranges and more. The gas produced are usually Nitrogen & Hydrogen using Peak's proven technology. Nitrogen through compressed air, Hydrogen through electrolysis of water. The catalogue is divided so that the customer can choose between compressor or non-compressor based systems usually used for Liquid Chromatography, then moves on to our systems that typically used for Gas Chromatography and finally discusses our more specialised ranges such as TOC, Calibration and Purge gas. Using the new catalogue will allow cross-reference for any needs with the gas required, measurement of the generator, make and application. Peak Scientific aim to be as informative and helpful as possible in the buying decision for all from standalone scientists, laboratories and medical establishments to large chemical plants.

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