Socorex reagent reservoirs – line improvement

  • Multichannel pipette reservoirMultichannel pipette reservoir
  • Multichannel pipette reservoir
  • Reagent reservoir

Lab requirements are always more diversified. For this reason Socorex brought attractive improvements to its reagent reservoir programme. New V-shape model made of PP with 75 mL capacity is now available for any routine work with single and multichannel pipettes. Reusable, autoclavable, it has an embossed graduation always visible. Round corners enable convenient reagent pouring. This model is the perfect complement to the 125 mL size with hinged lid to avoid evaporation during storage. This large capacity model has the same shape that a microtiterplate and is very stable on the bench. It can be stapled to save space on the bench

Multichannel reservoirs are particularly attractive for strip staining or when pipetting reagents in microtiter plate. Each channel has round bottom and is well separated from the others. It may contains its own liquid which is very useful when working with various concentrations. The programme includes new 8 and 12 channel models made of white Polystyrene with 48 mL total capacity. Thanks to microtitershape, good bench stability and rigidity, these reservoirs can be also used with automated dispensing / washing systems.

If required, these multichannel reservoirs are also available sterilized performed by X-ray radiation, single wrapped, for use in sterile environment. Each batch with number for perfect traceability. For more information contact your Socorex distributor or visit the web pages


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