Roxy Potentiostat: Electrochemistry Coupled with Mass Spectrometry

  • The Roxy EC systemThe Roxy EC system

The Roxy Potentiostat allows the simple coupling of an electrochemical reactor with a mass spectrometer.

The substances to be analysed are pumped through the electrochemical cell and oxidised or reduced. The resulting products are directly analysed on a mass spectrometer. The results provide information on the stability of the starting substance and about potential metabolites. Additional reagents can be added for the investigation of adducts formed along with the products in the reactor cell.

If required, an HPLC system can be positioned before the potentiostat and the mass spectrometer, for separation of the mixture obtained after oxidation/reduction or formation of adducts. The Roxy EC system is therefore also optionally available as an EC/LC system.

Substances are oxidized or reduced on the surface of a working electrode in the reactor cell. The efficiency of the reaction is influenced by the analyte and by the material of the working electrode. You can choose between five different materials: glassy carbon, gold, platinum, diamond (Magic Diamond), as well as another electrode specially developed for reduction purposes. The µ-PrepCell is available for the generation of reaction products in µg amounts, e.g. for analysis
by NMR.

Performance characteristics of the EC-system Roxy:

  • oxidation/reduction/activation of different compounds
  • direct coupling to a mass spectrometer
  • significant increase of the MS signal
  • rapid metabolite screening (phase I and phase II)
  • simulation of the effect of oxidative stress on biomolecules
  • imitation of natural redox processes
  • determination of reaction mechanism
  • synthesis of metabolites
  • electrochemical cleavage of proteins/peptides
  • disulfide bond reduction (S-S bond reduction)
  • no matrix effects
  • wide potential range of ± 4.9 V
  • saves time and costs compared to conventional methods  


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