New Chromatography Products Cataloge

Comprehensive and Up-to-date Overview on TSKgel HPLC Columns

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Tosoh Bioscience is happy to announce the release of a new cataloge, featuring the company’s chromatography product lines. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview on the complete range of TSK-GEL HPLC columns - both silica and polymer based, porous and non porous. Additionally it delivers basic information on the Toyopearl and TSKgel resins for biopurification. New in the catalogue are latest additions to the product portfolio like the TSK-gel STAT series of high throughput ion exchange columns, small particle HILIC TSKgel Amide-80 columns, and TSK-gel PWXL-CP columns for SEC analysis of cationic polymers. In addition to product specifications and ordering information the cataloge includes helpful advice and application data. A digital version of the catalog is available on the company website.


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