Macromolecular Chromatography Data System

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  • WinGPC Unity by PSSWinGPC Unity by PSS

PSS WinGPC Unity is the first and only Macromolecular Chromatography Data System (MCDS) which integrates all LC methods and data into one environment to analyze (bio) polymers comprehensively. All types of systems and detectors (vendor independent) are integrated into one data format, removing the need to know multiple software products.

Unleash a wealth of macromolecular information with WinGPC Unity:

  • Obtain average molar masses and molecular weight distributions
  • Determine the chemical composition, the co-monomer distributions and measure block copolymer molar masses using the copolymer or chemical heterogeneity software module
  • Opt for the 2D chromatography module to de-formulate complex products with highest efficiency
  • Determine branching with the light scattering and/or viscometry software modules while using any molar mass sensitive detector on the market
  • Quantify additives, residual monomers, solvents, etc in the HPLC mode
  • Determine end-group functionality and perform heparin
  • QA tests according to EP, U.S.P. and DAB

WinGPC Unity provides a simple and unique user interface. Raw data, sample information, parameters and results are stored in a validated and secure database. Information retrieval and sharing results is a breeze. The WinGPC Unity MCDS can be used on a local PC or in a client/server setup.


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