New Possibilities for Metabolism Studies

Tool for Studying Redox Reactions of Single Compounds

  • Roxy Potentiostat by Axel SemrauRoxy Potentiostat by Axel Semrau

The Roxy Potentiostat is the ideal tool for studying Redox reactions of single compounds. It generates metabolites of drugs or xenobiotics, similar to those generated during in vivo metabolic processes, in a significantly shorter time span (seconds vs. days or weeks) without any interfering components (no isolation steps required).

The Roxy Potentiostat is based on state-of-the-art electronics with a large voltage range of ± 4.9 V. Operational parameters can be controlled automatically through programmable timed events. Consequently, the generation of specific oxidation products (e.g., metabolites, cleavage products, etc.,) and supreme control of any conceivable Redox reaction is assured.

The Potentiostat can be used in combination with every MS and is also available in together with a complete EC or EC/LC System.


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