New Viscometer Generation for GPC

New Viscometer Serie 2000 by PSS

  • New Viscometer ETA2010New Viscometer ETA2010
  • New Viscometer ETA2010
  • New Viscometer ETA2010

The new generation of GPC on-line viscometers are designed to fulfil all requirements of modern GPC applications. The new viscometer serie 2000 has a compact design and shows unique advantages for synthetic and natural polymers. The operation principle is based on the measurement of differential pressures, where a network of asymmetric flow resistances guarantees high sensitivity, even in the low molecular weight range.

The small cell volume prevents band broadening and shows real peak shape without tailing or fronting. Self degassing pressure transducers and the temperature controlled cell (standard: up to 80°C, optional: up to 150°C) allow trouble-free operation over a long period. All functions are integrated in the world wide accepted WinGPC Unity software.


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