The Online Peroxide Analyzer for Real-time Control

Accurate and Fast Measurements of Peroxide Levels

  • RPA-5000 from BTG InstrumentsRPA-5000 from BTG Instruments

The RPA-5000 Residual Peroxide Analyzer from BTG provides you with accurate and fast measurements of peroxide levels. It is applicable in any bleaching process where peroxide is used. The RPA delivers measuring results in less than five minutes and thus allows for real-time control of peroxide content. The analyzer will take samples from a process stream and measures peroxide via an enzyme based catalytic method (measurement range 0 - 5000 ppm). It operates on filtrates with low suspended solids in a range of pH 3 - 12 and temperatures between 5 - 60 °C. Furthermore, the RPA is almost maintenance and calibration free.


  • Measures nothing but peroxide
  • Real-time control
  • Easy calibration and maintenance



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