Partition Chromatography HPCCC

  • Partition Chromatography HPCCC by ERCPartition Chromatography HPCCC by ERC
  • Partition Chromatography HPCCC by ERC
  • Partition Chromatography HPCCC by ERC

ERC, well known for special solutions in LC, introduces another highlight to the market:

The high performance CCC-systems (HPCCC) from Dynamic Extractions.

The separating and purification technology (liquid-liquid-chromatography) of these systems provides the user with additional, extremely interesting possibilities: both on a development and a preparative scale (from a few mg to approx. 1000g), substances can be continuously separated even where classical separation columns fail or have difficulties.

If solubility problems occur, then these partition chromatography systems are ideally suited. Integration into existing HPLC units is simple as only the column is replaced.
A huge advantage of these HPCCC units is that existing methods can easily be transferred to the preparative scale.

Performance characteristics:

  • for complex separations
  • replaces the separation column
  • compatible with HPLC systems
  • simple and cost effective scale-up
  • very low solvent use
  • reduced sample preparation
  • high loading
  • highest recovery rates'

HPCCC can be used:

  • if solubility of the samples is a problem
  • if the column separation is difficult or impossible
  • if the sample preparation is costly
  • if work has to be done on a preparative scale

Different HPCCC models available from ERC:

analytical, max. sample load per injection: 300 mg

Spectrum HPCCC:

semi-preparative, max. sample load per injection: 2 g

preparative, max. sample load per injection: 25 g

industrial solutions, on request


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