New Process Refractometer

Measuring the Refractive Index Continuously

  • IPR-FR

The automatically operating process refractometers IPR measure the refractive index continuously and thus, the concentration of a binary or quasi-binary liquid mixture. The measurement is independent of light intensity from the light emitting diode (LED) and is free of signal drift, granting high precision and better process control. Colour, turbidity, undissolved particles or gas bubbles do not affect the measurement. You can choose from 4 measuring ranges. The new process refractometer is a stand alone process sensor, which does not require an external electronic unit. Its special design and electronic configuration makes it highly flexible and very easy to operate. The programming with a Windows software is also very easy. Optional a Data Logger and a Universal Controller are available.
The stainless steel measuring head is resistant against chemicals, suiting foodstuff regulations and CIP and pipe pig use possible. The IPR3 measuring head can be installed in pipes, reactor vessels, mixing tanks, kettles, boiling pans and evaporators, using different weld-in flanges.
According to the application can be selected between 3 different basic models:
1. IPR Basic (4 measuring ranges available),
2. IPR FR (Full Range, measuring range 1,33 – 1,53 RI, 0 – 95 Brix),
3. IPR HR (High Resolution, 2 measuring ranges available).
The IPR is also available as an ex-proof version.


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