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Sample Preparation System Mars

  • Sample Preparation System MarsXpressSample Preparation System MarsXpress
  • Sample Preparation System MarsXpress
  • Sample Preparation System MarsXpress

The Mars helps your laboratory practice green chemistry and reduce its solvent usage. Perform over 500 microwave extractions using the same amount of solvent you would normally use for only 32 Soxhlet extractions. Methods that involve nonpolar solvents may be used without any additional solvents, as CEM's Carboflon stir bars allow you to perform extractions without any change to your current solvent scheme.

Mars Features
The advanced technology of the Mars gives the system an easy-to-use feature set that will help improve your lab's capabilities and workflow.

Continuous Power
True continuous power delivery (1600 watts) ensures rapid completion of digestions by eliminating power surges that are typical of 1-second duty cycles.

  • Uniform microwave field for reproducible results
  • Multi-level power settings, including low-power settings for small or highly reactive samples
  • Patented isolator mechanism ensures reproducible power output to meet USEPA requirements

For more than 25 years, CEM has been the company more chemists trust for safe, dependable microwave laboratory systems.

  • Fluoropolymer-coated cavity for long-lasting durability
  • Precision-designed waveguide provides distributes microwave energy evenly throughout the cavity
  • Rugged, solid steel construction
  • Impact-resistant door with safety interlocks
  • Software safeguards
  • Built-in high-powered exhaust
  • A variety of cavity and vessel monitoring options for optimum safety and control
  • Patented isolator mechanism prevents heating of cavity components

Simple Operation
Advanced technology makes the Mars an easy-to-use sample preparation
system you can buy. A variety of temperature and pressure options with
straightforward designs make the system's operation a snap!

  • "Plug & play" options and sensors
  • Contactless or "pop-in" temperature and pressure control
  • Operate by fully-functional onboard computer or optional desktop computer for permanent data storage.
  • Watch method progress using graphic or alphanumeric screens
  • Pre-programmable methods including built-in library of USEPA, CEN and internal diagnostic methods
  • MarsInk software provides method storage, data collection, real-time display of temperature/pressure profiles and report writing capabilities
  • Start last method run with single keystroke
  • Software available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French
  • Easy-to-read display

The Mars has easy-to-use, integrated software options with an applications
library for methods storage.

The system may be operated from its keypad or
from a PC.

  • Method storage
  • Data collection
  • Real-time graphic display of temperature & pressure profiles
  • Report writing capabilities

Vessel Options
CEM offers a large selection of pressurized vessels for the Mars System in
a variety of sizes and materials including Teflon, PFA, glass, and quartz
with completely sealed or vent and reseal covers. The Mars offers the
highest temperature (300 °C) or pressure (1500 psi) vessels for a broad
range of organic and inorganic samples to ensure complete digestions. The
system can also be fitted with a port for use with an open flask and

With a portfolio of over 200 patents in microwave technology,
CEM offers the most advanced microwave laboratory systems available. Our
vessel and system designs have been widely recognized for their reliability
and ease-of-use. You can depend on the MARS Microwave Accelerated Reaction
System to provide accurate, reproducible results quickly and easily.

  • The most precise, uniform microwave field for reproducible results
  • Continuous microwave power delivery eliminates power surges
  • Multi-level power settings, including low-power settings for small or highly reactive samples
  • Intelligent & adaptive temperature and pressure feedback controls
  • Patented isolator mechanism ensures reproducible power output to meet
  • USEPA requirements

Designed for Superior Safety
Designed and engineered with over 25 years of experience in innovative
microwave technology, Mars sets the standard in industry-leading safety
features. All Mars System cavities are constructed of solid, high-grade,
stainless steel and then wrapped in an acid and impact-resistant polymer
shell for maximum durability. The cavity is protected by a multi-layer
Teflon coating. Our patented isolator mechanism eliminates the possibility
of reflected energy returning to the magnetron and reducing its output,
making the Mars  System the only instrument available that can run safely at
full power. The advanced technology of the Mars System features a
precision-designed waveguide, which provides unparalleled uniformity in the
distribution of microwave energy throughout the cavity, eliminating the
need for older mode stirring technology.

System Certifications

The Mars  meets all of the necessary certification requirements for your
demanding laboratory including ETL and NRTL electrical safety approvals,
USEPA compliance, IQOQPQ documentation, NIST traceable sensors and
ISO-9001:2000 manufacturing certification.

MARSXpress Option

Optimum Control for the Digestion of High-Throughput or Routine Samples

With the advanced technology of the Mars  System with the Mars Xpress option,
high-pressure digestions have never been easier to run!

  • New! Mars Xpress displays and permanently records temperature readings for all vessels!
  • Process up to 40 samples simultaneously
  • No connections, no tools needed!
  • Accurate internal temperature control
  • Optional connection-free pressure regulation
  • Confirmation of temperature for every vessel

The advanced design of the MarsXpress vessel in combination with CEM's
sophisticated and highly sensitive IR temperature sensors mean the internal
temperature of each vessel is measured virtually instantaneously without
any of the lag associated with competitive IR-based systems. The heart of
the system is the dual NIST traceable calibrated temperature measurement
system. The sensors accurately and instantaneously measure the temperature
of each individual vessel, providing users with unmatched control of
digestion parameters, as well as safety.


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