Presens: VisiSens for the Visualizing of Oxygen Distribution in Liquids, Cell Cultures and Living Samples

  • Presens new VisiSensPresens new VisiSens
  • Presens new VisiSens
  • Visualizing of Oxygen Distribution in Cell Cultures
  • VisiSens for the Visualizing of Oxygen Distribution in Liquids, Cell Cultures and Living Samples
  • VisiSens system by Presens

PreSens now offers VisiSens, a new and unique approach for visualizing oxygen distribution in liquids, cell cultures and living samples by just connecting the system to the USB plug of your laptop or PC.

The VisiSens system is a USB handheld microscope for instant visualization of e.g. metabolic activities or diffusion processes. You can transport the whole system in a small case and set it up anytime where you need it – be it laboratory or field research! It is very easy to use and a very affordable alternative to fluorescence imaging for many applications. Instead of measuring a multitude of biomarkers it allows to receive a precise oxygen distribution by one single measurement. So far, there is no comparable product available on the market.


  • Non-invasive mapping of metabolic activities
  • Imaging of living samples
  • Visualize O2 distributions with microscopic resolution
  • Be able to influence experiment conditions during measurement
  • Integrate the microscope inside your measuring set-up, e.g. inside a incubator
  • USB powered & portable
  • Create your own movies: time-lapse oxygen imaging
  • Easy evaluation via image processing software


  • Determination of oxygen in engineered tissue
  • Perfusion monitoring in skin flaps
  • Imaging of cortical partial oxygen pressure
  • Visualized respiration in leaves
  • Oxygen dynamics in the rhizosphere of crop plants
  • Oxygen distributions in seeds
  • …. and many more!

Why is it so special?
The VisiSens system is a completely new method for visualizing oxygen distribution two dimensionally. Based on the fact that it is really budget-friendly and no special introduction is needed, it can be employed for teaching purposes or a team of researchers can involve students or supporting staff in their work which will lead to quick and solid results by working with several VisiSens systems at the same time. It will now also be possible to do research work which was so far impossible to do as the effort was too high or a mobile analysis system was missing.


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