IDS goes wireless

Wireless transmitter modules for full freedom of movement when measuring pH,conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity with IDS sensors! Measure comfortably in confined spaces, e.g. under laboratory hoods and laminar flow benches.

The wireless modules are plugged onto the sensor heads and automatically and securely connect with their counterparts on the meters. The module does not only provide the radio data transfer but also the power supply of the sensor, allowing for instance up to 60 hours of continuous operation with an IDS pH or ORP electrode. At the push of a button, the measured value is stored automatically in the meter. Up to three parameters or sensors can be displayed and processed.

All WTW IDS laboratory pH electrodes are available with the universal plug head, and so are all IDS conductivity cells, the FDO 925 optical D.O. sensor and the VisoTurb 900-P turbidity sensor.

The new portable IDS instruments of the MultiLine series, i.e. Multi 3510 IDS, Multi 3620 IDS and Multi 3630 IDS, as well as the benchtops of the inoLab series, i.e. Multi 9310 IDS, Multi 9620 IDS and Multi 9630 IDS, fully support measurements with wireless modules.



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